iciHaiti : PNH : Léon Charles praises police mothers (poem)
31/05/2021 09:31:13

iciHaiti : PNH : Léon Charles praises police mothers (poem)

Sunday May 30, 2021, as part of Mother’s Day, Léon Charles, Director General ai of the Haitian National Police (PNH) praised Haitian police mothers in a poetic form… “BRAVO, Haitian Policewoman Mother

Sweet mother with a kind heart

Strong and admirable woman

Of a highness soul

Her maternal being melts into her tenderness

At midnight remained !

Sometimes leaving behind husband and child

With a triumphant heart

To protect and serve.

As smart and diligent as she is.

With it, security is assured

And no evil can rage

Being a woman police officer in a country like ours

It takes a lot of money

Often in a land taken

She forgets herself if not only to serve the Fatherland

Like an apostle

Let’s honor our proud police mother!

Catherine Flon of the Nation!

Courageous and haughty mother

Let’s think carefully about every police mother

She does as much as police fathers

Even if she does not acquire a physique of steel.

Well done, Haitian police mother

Thank you for the services rendered

Thank you for the assiduous sacrifices

May God protect and support you

May you be proud that you serve your motherland

Who is dear Haiti !”

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