iciHaiti – School canteen : Beware of scammers
21/07/2021 09:09:18

iciHaiti - School canteen : Beware of scammers

In a note, Mgr. Ogé Beauvoir, Executive Director of the humanitarian institution “Food For The Poor” said he was indignanted to learn “that ill-intentioned individuals are asking for payment of registration or integration fees to have them admitted to the program. “Food For The Poor” school canteen ”

Mgr. Ogé Beauvoir, recalls that “Food For The Poor” has been a Christian charity in the service of the community for more than 32 years and that all its interventions are free “we hasten to denounce and condemn this practice which is contrary to the philosophy of the institution.”

Also, schools and the general public are invited to ignore any financial requirement associated with one of the “Food For The Poor” programs which reaffirms that the institution will remain true to its mission of working jointly with communities to the transformation of the living conditions of the Haitian population.

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