iciHaiti – SIMEX 2021 : Natural disaster simulation exercises
26/05/2021 08:45:27

iciHaiti - SIMEX 2021 : Natural disaster simulation exercises

The Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC), recalls that it will carry out on May 27 and 28, a simulation exercise (Simex) to prepare for possible natural disasters in the north of the country, in particular earthquakes and tsunamis due to the presence of active faults in the northern territory, while the vulnerability of the population can amplify the damage caused by earthquakes.

The DPC recalls that in addition to the seismic risks Haiti is affected every year by tropical storms, hurricanes and heavy rains, which cause extensive material damage and loss of human life.

This Simex will assess and strengthen the capacities of members of the brigade and volunteers who will be deployed to help the population in emergency situations.

It should be noted that this simulation exercise is the culmination of previous activities, such as coordination meetings, updating of emergency plans and training of members of the various civil protection structures.

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