iciHaiti – Special D1 Championship : Complete results of the 10 days
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iciHaiti - Special D1 Championship : Complete results of the 10 days

The 10th day of the Special National Championship (CNS-D1) was held over 2 days Saturday April 27 and Sunday April 18 April 28. This 10th day has considerably modified the ranking.

Saturday April 27:

At Park Levelt, the meeting between Cosmopolite SC and USR ended with a draw [0-0]. Despite multiple attempts, neither team was able to score.

Sunday April 28:

In the land of Gabions (Cayes) America des Cayes (already qualified) largely dominated Juventus FC in the city derby with an overwhelming victory of [4-0]. Ernst Clerger particularly shone, opening the score in the 1′ [1-0] [4-0] and Hypolite Charles 28′ [2-0] and Widmarck Rhau in the 33′ [3-0] and a double from Ernst Clerger at 67′ [4-0]

In Gressier, Cavaly AS at Parc Saint Jean (Léogâne) won a comfortable victory of [2-0] against Racing Club Haïtien, thanks to achievements from Wenkov Romulus in the 31′ [1-0] and Emerson Thibert at 49′ [2-0]

Ouanaminthe FC won [1-0] against AS Capoise, snatching the three points in the final moments of the match at Parc Notre Dame (Ounaminthe)

Racing FC at Parc Vincent des Gonaïves also won a victory [1-0] against Fica, thanks to a goal from Alcy Wuidens in the 12th minute [1-0]

Finally, at Parc Levelt in Saint-Marc, Tempête FC beat Triomphe AC [1-0] thanks to a decisive goal from Prince Fekytho in the 66’ [1-0].

Results 10th day:

Saturday April 27:

Cosmopolite SC vs USR [0-0] (Gr.B)

Sunday April 28:

Ounaminthe FC vs AS Capoise[1-0] (Gr.A)

Racing FC vs FICA [1-0] (Gr.A)

Triomphe AC vs Tempête FC [0-1] (Gr. B)

Juventus FC vs America FC [0-4] (Gr. C)

Racing Ch vs Cavaly AS [0-2] (Gr. C)

Results 9th day:

Saturday April 20:

Tempête FC vs USR [1-0] (Gr. B) https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-42163-icihaiti-special-d1-championship-first-victory-of-tempete-fc-calendar-9th-day.html

Sunday April 21: https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-42170-icihaiti-special-d1-championship-partial-results-9th-day.html

America FC vs Cavaly AS [2-0] (Gr. C)

Racing CH vs Juventus FC [0-0] (Gr. C)

FICA vs Réal Hope FA [0-2] (Gr. A)

Racing FC vs Ouanaminthe FC [3-2] (Gr.A)

Baltimore SC vs Cosmopolites SC [1-0] (Gr.B)

Last match Racing CH vs Juventus FC [0-0] (Gr. C)

Results 8th day :

Sunday April 14:

Baltimore FC vs Tempête FC [1-1] (Gr B)

AS Capoise vs FICA [1-0] (Gr A)

Réal Hope FA vs Racing FC (Gr.B)

Wednesday April 17:

USR vs Triomphe AC [1-0]

Results 7th day :

Wednesday April 10: https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-42090-icihaiti-special-d1-championship-results-7th-day-advanced-matches.html

Baltimore SC vs US Rivartibonitienne [1-0] (Gr.B)

AS Capoise vs Racing FC [1-1] (Gr.A)

Thursday April 11:

Ouanaminthe FC vs Real Hope FA [1-0] (Gr.A)

Cosmopolite vs Triomphe AC [0-1] (Gr.B)

Results 6th day:

Triomphe AC vs Baltimor SC [0-1] https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-42064-haiti-news-zapping.html

FICA vs Ouanaminthe [1-0]

Real Hope FA vs AS Capoise [1-0]

Storm FC vs Cosmopolite SC [1-1]

Juventus FC vs Cavaly AS [1-1]

5th day results:

Cosmopolites SC to US Rivartibonitienne [1-0] https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-42009-icihaiti-special-d1-championship-results-5th-day-partial.html

Fica vs Racing FC [0-0] https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-42009-icihaiti-special-d1-championship-results-5th-day-partial.html

America FC vs Racing Club Haïtien [5-0]

Ouanaminthe FC vs Real Hope FA [1-0]

AS Capoise vs Ouanaminthe FC [2-0]

Cavaly AS vs Racing CH [1-1]

Tempête FC vs Triomphe AC [0-0]

Results 4th day:

Juventus FC vs Racing CG [1-2]

Réal Hope FA vs FICA [2-0]

Ouanaminthe FC vs Racing FC [0-0]

Cosmopolite SC vs Baltimore SC [0-1]

Storm FC vs USR [0-0] https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-41962-haiti-news-zapping.html

3rd day results: https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-41912-icihaiti-special-d1-championship-results-3rd-day-partial.html

Triumph AC vs US Riveartibonitienne [1-0]

America FC vs Juventus [1-0].

FICA vs ASC [1-1]

Baltimore SC vs TEMPETE FC [0-0]

Racing FC vs Real Hope [1-2]

Results 2nd day: https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-41893-icihaiti-special-d1-championship-2nd-day-complete-results.html

Racing FC vs Association Sportive Capoise [2-0]

US Rive Artibonitienne vs Baltimore Sportif Club [1-0]

Cavaly AS vs America FC [3-3]

Triomphe AC vs Cosmopolites SC [1-1].

1st day results:

Cosmopolites SC vs Tempête AC 1-0 https://www.icihaiti.com/en/news-41850-icihaiti-special-d1-championshipvictory-for-cosmopolites-sc-[1-0]-against-tempete-fc.html

America vs Violette (match not played)

AS Capoise vs Real Hope [1-0]

Ouanaminthe vs FICA des Cayes [1-0]

Cavaly vs Juventu [1-0]

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