iciHaiti – UEH : Restitution of the independence debt by France (Monitoring)
09/07/2024 09:52:30

iciHaiti - UEH : Restitution of the independence debt by France (Monitoring)

The Rectorate of the State University of Haiti informs that the “Working and Reflection Group on the Restitution and Reparation of Haiti” recently established https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-42325-haiti-flash-the-ueh-will-work-on-the-restitution-by-france-of-the-independence-debt.html was expanded with the contribution of eminent personalities of the civil society and Haitian and foreign academics.

The Group is structured into 9 thematic sub-groups, each with well-defined objectives, strategies and actions. An Executive Secretary and the 9 leaders of the thematic axes constitute the group’s Steering Committee.

A reference document accompanied by action plans and a budget were developed by the various members of the group over the last 6 weeks.

The different subgroups are also constituted and supplemented with different resources from the UEH and other Haitian and foreign universities in order to work and carry out the necessary investigations and studies on the various historical, geopolitical, diplomatic, economic, biopsychosocial, anthropological, cultural, communicational and community engagement to be able to begin producing data and well-founded reports to the Haitian public authorities with a view to the restitution and reparation of Haiti by France…

Composition of the working group (as of July 8, 2024 :

1. AUGUSTIN Jean Ronald, IERAH / UEH;

2. BARTHELEMY Ernest, Neuro-Surgeon, CUNY;

3. BLANC Judite, Psychologist, University of Miami;

4. BROWN Hilary, Secretary of the CARICOM Reparations Commission;

5. BYRON Jhon Picard, Anthropologist, UEH;

6. CADELUS Bildadson, Philosopher, UEH;

7. CANGE Jean Eliakim, Lawyer, OPC;


9. FERON Jean-Mozart, FE / UEH, Laval University;

10. GUSTINVIL ​​Jean Waddimir, ENS / UEH;

11. HEDOUVILLE Renan, Lawyer, Citizen’s Protector;

12. HENRYS Jean Hugues, Doctor, AMH;

13. JEAN Joseph Sony, IERAH / UEH;

14. JEAN-JACQUES Ronald, Psychologist, UEH;

15. JOSEPH-NOËL Amary, Educator, communicator, researcher and general coordinator of the Haitian Confederation for Reconciliation (CHAR);

16. LABOSSIERE Eddy, Economist, UEH;

17. LETANG Jacques, Lawyer, President of the Haitian Bar Federation;

18. LOUIS Alvarès, Historian, UEH;

19. MEZILAS Glodel, International Relations, UEH;

20. MICHEL Jerry, FE / UEH;

21. NICOLAS Guerda, Psychologist, University of Miami;

22. O’MARDE Dorbrene, Vice-Chairman of the CARICOM Reparations Commission;

23. PIERRE Gémima, Assistant Professor University of California;

24. PIERRE William Kenel, Engineer-Architect, ARC architecture construction/CNIAH;

25. THEODATE Jean Marie, Geographer, UEH, University of Paris 1;

26. TOUSSAINT Christian, Diplomat, UEH.

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