iciHaiti – Vallière : Jovenel Moïse inaugurates the Vallière micro solar power plant
25/04/2021 10:45:14

iciHaiti - Vallière : Jovenel Moïse inaugurates the Vallière micro solar power plant

Saturday April 24, 2021, following the inauguration of the photovoltaic micro-plant in Vallière, President Jovenel Moïse declared “I am proud to inaugurate the Vallières power plant which is today experiencing electricity 24/24. Our goal is to give hope to those forgotten by the Republic and to clearly show that every Haitian has the right to happiness and a life of dignity.

Access to electricity is now a reality ; it is no longer a luxury for the people of Valliere, who have always been on the margins of our society.

Since independence, no attention has been paid to their community. Under my administration, hope is reborn. We had promised electricity to the inhabitants of Vallières. So it is done today. Electricity is available for the happiness of this population and the development of this town, long marginalized.

The electricity train is on. Founded in 1772, the commune of Vallières waited 248 years to inaugurate a 17.5 km stretch of road linking it to Mombin Crochu hhttps://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-29829-haiti-politic-inauguration-of-the-vallieres-mombin-crochu-section.html . It took 249 years to see the electric current establish there for the first time. I’m only doing justice to those left behind.”

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The micro-solar power plant located in Vallière, funded by Japan https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-30141-haiti-politic-two-electrification-and-waste-management-projects-funded-by-japan.html has an electrical distribution network of approximately 10 km for a total of nearly 900 users connected using prepaid smart meters (for the first phase). Subsequently, the number of connections will increase according to demand.

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